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Dr. Betty Shabazz Delta Leadership Academy 
Girls 11 - 14

Delta Academy implements varied activities based upon the needs of the early adolescents in the areas of "Knowing Me", "Developing Me", and "Preparing Me". The activities implemented most often include computer training, self-esteem and etiquette workshops, field trips for science experiences and for college exposure, and special outings to cultural events, fancy dinners, museums, plays, and concerts.

2021 - 2022

The schedule is subject to change. Please keep checking back for updates and added activities & service.

Academy & GEMS
Q. What is the difference in formats?
A. We want to give the girls well-rounded experiences and the opportunity to make choices. The formats provide structure and a better understanding of what is being provided.
  • Program - Exploring important topics inessential to young women. We will have demos, in depth discussion,mini activities, and prizes for the girls. Programs will be held at Banneker Community center, unless specified otherwise. 
  • Activity - Culture and exposure is important. "Activities" are treats and designated field trips for girls .We will specifically target STEM activities, culturally influencing movies or shows, or bonding related adventures. 
  • Service - Service to the community is essential. Being hands on will build value, compassion for the community they live in
Q. How does the mentor program work?
Each girl will get a mentor. The mentor will set up the best time with the parent/guardian and girl to do check-in calls. We aim to build lasting bonds with the girls and provide anther pillar of support and 
Q. Can parents/guardians stay for programs, activities or service?
A. We always encourage parent to be involved and take interest in what their daughter(s) are involved with. For programs* adults (19 & up) will be required to have a background check. Any activities requiring a fee, parents/guardians will be responsible for paying for themselves. The girls will be paid for by the chapter. 
*Note: Some program topics may be sensitive and embarrassing for girls to open up about around their parents. We reserve the right to ask parents to step out of not be in attendance for the space to remain safe and comfortable for the girls participating. Thank you for understanding. 
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